After working in the medical field for many years I find Dr Wotowic’s one of the most gentle, compassionate and experienced physicians I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He came highly recommended for the facelift and blepharoplasty I was contemplating. He made sure I didn’t rush my decision and that I took all the time I needed to make the right decision for me. His main concern was that I look natural and I was happy. He didn’t want my mouth and skin to be overly stretched. Dr Wotowic’s did my surgery and took so much time with me. He said I was his main concern and he would take many hours to get results that we’d both be happy with. He was absolutely correct. My surgery was quite lengthy, but I already see results I am so happy with. His post op care is wonderful! He was gentle and made me forget I still hurt. He was so excited to show me the results! It’s so natural! I can’t believe I could look like this again. I have seen others with scarring under their chin and nerve numbness on the side of their face, months after surgery. I have neither! This was a difficult surgery, but Dr Wotowic is the greatest. From start to finish I give him an A +