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Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in Danville

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in Danville

Dr. Paul Wotowic is a top provider of plastic reconstructive surgery in San Ramon. He is an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Reconstructive plastic surgery is conducted to improve function and ability. It can also help patients achieve a more typical appearance for a body structure that has been affected by trauma, infection, tumors, or congenital defects.

Common types of plastic reconstructive surgery include breast reconstruction after mastectomy, skin reconstruction after removal of skin cancer, and various reconstructive facial, head, and neck procedures. It is also conducted to correct deformities or birth defects and traumatic injuries from dog bites, traffic accidents, and violence.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Ideal Candidates

Good candidates for plastic reconstructive surgery are people in good health with no spotty medical history. There are usually two types of candidates for plastic reconstructive surgery. These are people with deformities due to disease, infection, or aging and people with birth defects.

For a clearer picture as to who are the most suitable candidates for plastic reconstructive surgery, learn more about the specific conditions below:

  1. Birth defects
    • Congenital defects – Plastic reconstructive surgery can correct congenital defects, such as facial asymmetry or limb abnormalities, ensuring improved aesthetic balance and functional symmetry.
    • Cleft lip and palate – Surgical interventions can successfully repair cleft lip and palate, improving facial harmony and enabling proper speech development.
    • Craniofacial anomalies – Our doctors utilize advanced techniques to address craniofacial anomalies, restoring normal facial structure and function.
  2. Trauma
    • Burns – Plastic surgery effectively treats burn scars, restoring skin texture and minimizing the visual impact of burn injuries. Patients also notice better mobility and other functional improvements.
    • Scars and injuries – Plastic reconstructive surgery can reduce the visibility of scars and restore damaged tissue, enhancing both appearance and functionality.
  3. Cancer
    • Skin cancer – Surgical procedures can remove cancerous lesions while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue, promoting skin health and minimizing scarring.
    • Breast reconstruction – After a mastectomy, plastic reconstructive surgery offers breast reconstruction options, supporting emotional well-being and restoring confidence.
    • Tumor removal – Precision surgeries target tumors, improving aesthetics and functionality by eliminating cancerous growths.
  4. Aging
    • Sagging skin – Facelift procedures tighten and lift sagging skin, bringing a youthful glow back to the face.
    • Wrinkles – Various techniques, including dermal fillers and Botox, address wrinkles and fine lines, promoting smoother skin.
    • Facial features – Plastic surgery can enhance or restore facial features affected by aging, revitalizing overall facial aesthetics.
  5. Other Conditions
    • Genetic disorders – Plastic reconstructive surgery addresses physical manifestations of genetic diseases, improving appearance and quality of life.
    • Developmental disorders – Tailored interventions assist individuals who may need plastic reconstructive surgery brought about by symptoms of developmental disorders.
    • Medical conditions – Surgical solutions are available for various medical conditions, offering personalized care and transformative results.

However, plastic reconstructive surgery is not ideal for people with diabetes, a bleeding disorder, high blood pressure, depression, or heart disease, among other major health issues. Those who smoke, are excessively overweight, and drink lots of alcohol are also not ideal candidates for the surgery.

The Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Wotowic will review your medical record, assess your health condition, and discuss your expectations of the surgery’s outcome. He will also talk about the techniques he will employ to achieve your goals, the pre- and post-surgery preparations, risks, and the costs of the procedure.

Dr. Wotowic will help you decide on the best option for you. He will guide you in determining if the surgery is right for you if you’ve been badly burned, are battling mobility issues, or require multiple surgeries on different body parts.

Tissue Grafting

Tissue grafting is a very common technique utilized in plastic reconstructive surgery. Grafting is the process of harvesting tissue from the patient’s body (called autologous tissue), then transferring it to another area to perform reconstruction. This allows for a more natural external appearance following plastic reconstructive surgery.

This process can require the use of either general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. The ideal option depends on the exact procedure being performed. Anesthesia prevents the patient from feeling any pain or discomfort during surgery.

Recovery Following Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

The healing and recovery process after reconstructive procedures varies depending on the extent of reconstruction required. It is important to follow Dr. Wotowic’s post-surgical care directions. This will minimize the chance of complications. It will also preserve the quality of the results and lead to an overall shorter recovery period.

Generally, healing requires downtime and time off from work. Rest is required, and patients must avoid physically taxing activities like heavy exercise. A degree of temporary swelling and bruising may be present for a time in the donor regions and the reconstructed regions. These can be addressed with the help of cold compresses.

Follow-up appointments will be necessary to check on the progress of incision healing and to ensure that there are no complications. Medical stitches are removed during these appointments.

How Much Does Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Cost?

The price of plastic reconstructive surgery depends on the specific details of your procedure. Once Dr. Wotowic has determined the best surgical approach for your needs, the associated costs will be reviewed with you.

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