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Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic reconstructive surgery improves the functionality of the body by correcting any issues or deformities caused by birth defects, diseases, injuries, or aging. At East Bay Cardiovascular & Thoracic Associates, we regularly perform plastic reconstructive surgery for a number of conditions.

  • Congenital Conditions

    When someone is born with a condition, the condition is referred to as congenital. Many people have congenital defects that can be resolved with plastic reconstructive surgery.

    • Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate: A common condition in which the top of the lip is not completely fused. A surgeon can rejoin the separated portion of the lips and palate.
    • Birthmarks: Birthmarks, especially very prominent ones, can negatively affect one’s appearance and/or self-esteem. Surgical excision is a popular process that will help to address the appearance of a birthmark through removal with a scalpel.
    • Ear Defects: Plastic reconstructive surgery corrects ear defects of all kinds. Prominent ears are treated through this kind of surgery, as are conditions like constricted ears and microtia, a condition where the external ear is underdeveloped.

    • Hand/Foot Malformations: Many types of hand and foot malformations can be corrected through plastic reconstructive surgery. These conditions may affect the digits or the main part of the hand or foot. Common malformations include polydactyly (extra digits), oligodactyly (missing digits), clubfoot, and hammertoe.
    • Craniofacial Conditions: Reconstructive surgery can help a child born with craniosynostosis, a condition in which the sutures of the skull close too early. The procedure will give them a fuller and more ideal facial structure.
  • Acquired Conditions

    Acquired conditions are those which occur at any point after birth. These conditions are primarily a result of disease, infection, accident, or injury.

    • Cancer: People suffering from cancer often undergo plastic reconstructive surgery as part of their recovery process, since they often experience a loss of skin or muscle. Cancer of the breast, head, skin, and neck are common cases where reconstructive surgery is required.
    • Burns and Infections: People who have experienced severe burns on large parts of their bodies often undergo plastic reconstructive surgery to resuscitate their skin. Likewise, a buildup of dead or decaying tissue caused due to infections also requires the expertise of plastic surgeons, who remove the tissue and repair the infected area.
  • Recovery and Healing Following Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

    The recovery and healing process after a reconstructive procedure is incredibly important. Complications can occur during this time, and so patients should always make sure to contact us if anything unusual or unexpected happens.

    The exact details of a person’s recovery will vary depending on the type of procedure they received, their body’s ability to heal, and a number of additional factors.

    To prepare for the healing process, speak with your doctor about recovery during your consultation. Ask them about the details of recovery and what to expect. They will instruct you in the proper aftercare methods to ensure that you have a comfortable recovery with minimal complications.

  • Arrange an Informative Consultation

    Contact East Bay Cardiovascular & Thoracic Associates for a consultation with a skilled medical professional to find out more about plastic reconstructive surgery.

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